Sunday, July 28, 2013

A brief intro...

Two months ago I made the decision to get serious about dropping that 20lbs I'd put on. I'd lost it during a time of extreme stress, so it was not lost in a healthy way, so of course it came right back. But just because it came back didn't mean I had to keep it! This time, I knew I had to do it the right way. So began 6 weeks of calorie restriction.

Using MyFitnessPal, I tracked everything I ate, as well as any exercise I did. I began to run again. Running was a good habit I'd picked up during my stress-filled days, but I'd gotten out of the habit when things in my life returned to normal. Over the course of about six weeks, I lost 10 pounds and over 2 inches off my muffin top. All in all, not a bad result. I would have continued counting calories and running every day, and probably would have lost more weight too. But...

Then I found Nia Shanks. Nia's mindset on women's fitness changed my entire way of thinking. No longer am I counting calories- now I'm trying to eat a diet of 90% real food, and the other 10% is guilt free. I don't always hit that 90/10, but I'm getting there. And I don't just do cardio anymore. Nia's convinced me that women should strength train. And I don't mean doing 100 reps with a 3lb weight. No, I mean lifting weights. You know, like a man.

So, mid-July I quit counting calories, put my scale away, and began my strength training journey. I am no longer killing myself to be skinny. Now, everyday, in every way, I strive to be awesome.

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